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This is my blog dedicated to New Orleans & Louisiana cooking! I'll give links to great Creole & Cajun recipes and sites, as well as some of my own recipes. I love talkin' New Orleans, food and otherwise! Incidentally, I'm from Detroit. Go Figure. Lets just say I figured out "what it means, to miss New Orleans" and this site helps ease the pain.

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"Leaving New Orleans also frightened me considerably. Outside of the city limits the heart of darkness, the true wasteland begins."
-Ignatius J. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Cajun & Creole in Chile Pepper Magazine this month!

Chile Pepper Magazine has an issue dedicated to Cajun & Creole foods this month! It has articles about oysters, Louisiana restaurants outside of Louisiana, and a great article about Jacob's Andouille Sausage. I haven't tried Jacob's yet, but I will after reading the article and checking out their site. The guy's family has been doing it for four generations in LaPlace, Louisiana. It's all smoked with pecan wood for 10-12 hours in cypress and pine smokehouses. Another thing I like is, they say they don't gouge on the shipping. We'll see. I'll surely post when I get some.


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