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This is my blog dedicated to New Orleans & Louisiana cooking! I'll give links to great Creole & Cajun recipes and sites, as well as some of my own recipes. I love talkin' New Orleans, food and otherwise! Incidentally, I'm from Detroit. Go Figure. Lets just say I figured out "what it means, to miss New Orleans" and this site helps ease the pain.

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"Leaving New Orleans also frightened me considerably. Outside of the city limits the heart of darkness, the true wasteland begins."
-Ignatius J. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oyster Omelette at Nola Cuisine

Oyster Omelette
Originally uploaded by Danno1.
I made an Oyster Omelette for breakfast this morning. The brine of the Oysters and the softness of the eggs were a perfect compliment. It didn't hurt that I added crumbled bacon, green onions, and garlic to the filling. :-)

Be sure and check out my ever growing Index of Creole & Cajun Recipes over at Nola Cuisine. It's a passport to all of the recipes that I've featured there.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fié Gumbo at Nola Cuisine

File Gumbo
Originally uploaded by Danno1.
I made a Filé Gumbo the other night to take my homemade pure Sassafras Filé for a test spin. The flavor is more subtle, and the thickening power more intense than the store bought Filé, which is usually cut with other ingredients such as thyme and bay leaf.

Be sure and check out my ever growing Index of Cajun & Creole Recipes which includes every recipe that I've featured at the Sister blog to this one, Nola Cuisine.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Homemade Filé at NOLA Cuisine

File Powder
Originally uploaded by Danno1.
I finally found a Sassafras tree to make some homemade Filé, here is the post. I really can't get over the flavor difference of the "real stuff" and the store bought Filé. Totally different.

For those of you who enjoy this blog and haven't noticed yet, I've kind of shifted gears and moved the blog to here:

Nola Cuisine

Same content, just a different layout with larger pics. I still post from here as well but not as frequently as Nola Cuisine.