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"Leaving New Orleans also frightened me considerably. Outside of the city limits the heart of darkness, the true wasteland begins."
-Ignatius J. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grilled Pork Chops with Southern Peach Salsa Recipe at Nola Cuisine

From Nola Cuisine

I'm making a great effort to do at least one post a week at Nola Cuisine, I kicked off my resolution with a homemade Creole Mustard Recipe last week.

The other day I came across some beautiful Southern Peaches at the grocery store, so I picked them up along with some bone in pork chops. Here are some pics of the outcome, the full recipe is at Nola Cuisine!

From Nola Cuisine

From Nola Cuisine

Grilled Pork Chops with Southern Peach Salsa Recipe at Nola Cuisine!

Be sure and check out my ever growing Index of Creole & Cajun Recipes which provides links to all of the recipes featured on Nola Cuisine!


Anonymous Bianca said...

These pork chops looks fantastic! Yummy! You should definitely consider adding shelf life information to your recipes. I live alone and sometimes I have so much leftover food that I end up throwing it away. My co-worker told me about to help me out. You should check it out.

4:55 PM  
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